Cloud Web Hosting at its finest.

Our advanced cloud is built from best-in-class server hardware: SuperMicro® servers running Intel® Xeon E5 CPUs exclusively running Samsung SM863 enterprise-grade SSDs - no SSD caching!

The cloud ensures that your site is protected from hardware failure. Should a failure occur, a seamless and instant transition occurs to another waiting node in the cluster.

  • 100% resilient provider uplinks, routers, switches, servers
  • Cloud ensures that a faulty server is immediately replaced
  • Cloud nodes internally linked via 10-gigabit Ethernet

Exclusively SSD.

Unlike some of our competitors, we do NOT use SSD caching because that only speeds up access to the most-requested files leaving the rest on slow hard disks.

Our cloud exclusively uses SSD storage, meaning that even the least-requested file on your website will be served at lightning speed!

High-quality servers.

Your website needs a powerful hosting infrastructure to thrive. Our cluster nodes have a minimum specification of:

  • SuperMicro® chassis
  • Dual redundant PSUs drawing from separate power feeds
  • Hot-swap drive bays
  • Samsung SM863 960GB SSDs
  • SuperMicro® Xeon® Motherboard
  • Intel® Xeon E5 CPU

Total performance peace-of-mind.

CloudLinux™ provides your website with a Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE), guaranteeing dedicated resources for your website.

LVE also guarantees that your site won't be slowed down by another customer's website experiencing high demand.

Other benefits of CloudLinux™ include the ability to choose your own PHP version and customise the PHP modules available to your website.

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